Privacy policy and terms of use


Demons Hunter MMO RPG Game - hereinafter referred to as the "Game" is on-line mobile RPG game for Android OS

Internet site - sites owner by Game owner - located under the URL and it's subdomains.

Player is a person that plays the Demons Hunter MMO RPG Game (end user of the mobile application).

User is a person that visits any of Internet site that belongs to the Game owner .

SYNTEO Entertainment a company registered in Poland no 180530511, 1 Sierpnia 12 Street, Stalowa Wola, Poland (hereinafter referred to as the "Game admin" or the "Game owner"), the owner of exclusive rights to the "Game" respects the right of Users to the confidentiality of Personal Information. The Game owner understands the importance of protecting the information received from Players.

Terms of use and policy rules

The Game owner is committed to respecting the privacy of the User whilst complying with all applicable data protection laws as established under the Governing Law. The Game Admin ensures that the User’s Personal Information is processed fairly, lawfully and in accordance with good practice and it is only collected for specific purposes which are known and accepted by the User when the User chooses to make use of the Game and the Internet Site.

The User’s Personal Information is used to identfy player and makes the game play possible is the Google Account ID (which usually reffers to the player e-mail address defined in the smartphone). This ID is stored on Game owner servers and it is used to provide game database integrity.

Password (game token) that protects communiation between server and smartphone is generated automaticaly during the user creation process (first run of the game)

Google Account ID of the Player is never displayed to other players - players IDs are encrypted with the help of one-way hash function. Player may request for the token form Game owner if the change the smartphone or use game more than one smartphone. Player could receive game token olny by e-mail (Google Account ID) provided during first run of the game.

The Game owner does not sell the and does not disclose such information to third parties, except as provided in this Policy. The Game owner may disclose the general demographic and statistical information to business partners or advertisers. This is not directly related with the Personal Information and cannot identify a specific User or Player.

To ensure proper provision of services, the Game owner has the right to transfer Personal Information (Google account ID) to other persons or organizations that provide hosting services, payment services, services related to sending e-mails, and to moderators. These persons and organizations have the right to use the received personal information for the sole purpose of providing services to Users and are to be bound by the terms ensuring the proper use of the Personal Information.

Internet sites uses third-party software - Google Analytics services to collect statistical data about Users. Privacy policy of Google Analytics could be found here. Using Internet sites , users confirm that he knows and respect the terms of Google Analytics terms of use.

To ensure the provision of news from the game - we will send you some notifications via e-mail about the special events using your Google Account ID (email). You can always resign notification be replying with REMOVE keyword in the e-mail topic or body.

If you want to remove your account please do not log to the game over 60 days - your account will be deleted automatically. If you want to remove your account immediately - send us an e-mail from your account to the address

If you have any questions, remarks, complaints or comments regarding this Policy, please contact us at