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Demons are creatures found in many folk beliefs, mythologies and religions that occupy an intermediate position between the gods and men, between the earthly sphere-human, material and divine sphere, purely spiritual; the essence of the characteristics of the half-human, half-divine; these are often hostile to humanity spirits, originally associated with the notion of the sacred dirt.

In Greek religion demon initially impersonal supernatural power, which eventually began to imagine in the form of various spirits minor gods. This concept was initially ambivalent, was both positive and negative definition of superhuman beings - demons were sometimes dangerous, but benign (such as, for example, served as ministering spirits functions - in the sense they wrote about demons among Plato. From the time of Xenocrates, with the development of the concept of duality, the demons began to identify primarily with evil, because any involvement into matter was considered bad (and therefore intrinsically linked to the matter at least partially).